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Twitter Updates for 2010-06-12

June 12th, 2010
  • Wish to be the RAHA King for ever but sadly it will end on friday 🙁 #
  • So guys where are we going out today? 😀 Nice sunny saturday here in Kenyaaaaa! #

Twitter Updates for 2010-06-10

June 10th, 2010
  • Kenyans are great people! At least the ones I work and deal with! #
  • Hardest thing on mission: Seeing your good friends going back home 🙁 We will miss you Abram! #

Twitter Updates for 2010-06-08

June 8th, 2010
  • I will literally get killed today at Coptic… There was a small misunderstanding in the food order… Please pray for my soul! :S #
  • Anything going on tonight guys? #
  • Feels naked when I am beardless :S #

Twitter Updates for 2010-06-06

June 6th, 2010
  • Back from the Ethiopian restaurant! It was good! 😀 #

Twitter Updates for 2010-06-05

June 5th, 2010
  • Dont live to work, work to live! #

Twitter Updates for 2010-06-02

June 2nd, 2010
  • Damn! It’s raining 🙁 #

Twitter Updates for 2010-06-01

June 1st, 2010
  • Bon! Congé aujourd'hui on sort ou les n'amis? #
  • Monkey invasion at RAHA Kids! A whole family of 5! So funny to see them playing around! #
  • Feeding the monkeys with bananas! #
  • There are monkeys running all around the compound and making noise lol! #
  • les couilles d'un singe sont bleu o_O #
  • The papa monkey is lame 🙁 He is missing a arm! #
  • Bad papa monkey! He just urinated on the roof of my home lol… #
  • What a waste of a day 🙁 … At least I got to see and play with the monkeys this morning! #
  • What an awesome day today! 🙂 Feels soo good to spend the day and relax at a 5 star hotel! <3 The Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club. #

June Promises Video

June 1st, 2010

Watch it here:

Or click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4iBE6xV06I

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-31

May 31st, 2010
  • YAY!!! I will only have to go sleep at the house in Kaberia once every 2 weeks from now on! 😀 #
  • Si vous pensez que les routes du Québec sont mauvaise, venez voir ceux du Kenya; il n'y en a simplement pas! #
  • Si vous pensez que le service de la STM est mauvais, venez essayer les Matatu au Kenya! #
  • Si vous pensez que la limite de vitesse sur les routes du Québec sont trop basses, venez les constater au Kenya; 80km/h max. #
  • Si vous pensez que les HLM (Hébergement à Loyer Modique) au Québec sont des logements pitoyables, venez visiter un bidonville au Kenya! #
  • Si vous pensez que vous n'êtes pas assez bien payé au Québec, venez voir les salaires au Kenya; environ 65$ CAD par mois! #
  • Étrangement, malgré tout cela, J'ADORE le Kenya! 😀 Pourquoi? Car ici c'est HAKUNA MATATA! Pas de stress, pas de rush, pas de problèmes! #
  • Si vous pensez qu'au Québec on conduit mal, venez faire un tour dans une auto ici au Kenya! Et si vous avez le culot essayez de conduire 😛 #
  • Au Kenya, tasser 21 personnes dans une van est du domaine du réel! #
  • Embarquer dans un Matatu vous donne environ 60 crises cardiaques par minute. #
  • Au Kenya, le trottoir est simplement une voie additionnelle pour dépasser les autres lorsqu'il y a beaucoup de trafique. #
  • test #
  • Malgré tout cela, J'ADORE le Kenya! 😀 Pourquoi? Car ici c'est HAKUNA MATATA! Pas de stress, pas de rush, pas de problèmes! #
  • Monkeys invasion around the neighbourhood!!! lol… they are so funny! #
  • Has a second cat now, his name is Brian! He is not as nice and sweet as Sally though! #
  • Grand opening of RAHA Cats; Rehabilitating And Helping Abandoned Cats. #
  • Errrrr… Sally and Brian (my 2 cats) are figthing together! :@ Sorry Brian, if you can't be nice with Sally you'll have to leave RAHA Cats! #
  • Tomorrow is a public holiday here in Kenya, I am supposed to go out with the youth from Coptic, but I am still wondering where will we go! #
  • What a special feeling when a kid calls you "Papa" as they all do here now. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-29

May 29th, 2010
  • would like to hit the beach for a day! Anyone know if there is any around Nairobi? Mombasa is too far! 🙁 #
  • It's hotter in Montreal then it is in Kenya… NON SENSE!!! #
  • Yuummyy!!! Eating sugar cane! #
  • Nice hot weather today 🙂 My cloth will finally dry! Whohouu! #
  • Eating Guava, YUMMY!!! 😀 #
  • Sleeping at the rescue center with the kids at the house in Kaberia tomorrow night 🙁 #
  • My cat Sally is back 🙂 And she is eating the Cat Food I got her today! #