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November 9th, 2009

Here is some advertisement for a organization that I just came across a few weeks ago and that I particularly like.

Lost in the dust next to the ruins of one of the greatest and most historic countries in the world, the present and future of Egypt and its Coptic community has been tarnished with poverty. Children, widows, and a massive population are stricken with hunger & thirst. They live their lives under extreme, unsanitary conditions.

MY ONLY SALVATION (MOS) has united with the youth near and abroad to create a movement to save lives from such indigence. We endeavor to appeal to the youth of the entire world. This service is an incentive to create one of the strongest services established by this generation’s youth.

As a forerunner and aid, MOS is organized as a retail clothing line by selling designer apparel. In turn, 100% of net profit will be donated to charities & organizations specialized in servicing the less fortunate.
With your help, this movement will reach and greatly improve the lives of families in Coptic communities all across Egypt.

Unfortunately they do not ship outside the USA for now 🙁