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Twitter Updates for 2010-06-01

June 1st, 2010 by Karim Aziz Leave a reply »
  • Bon! Congé aujourd'hui on sort ou les n'amis? #
  • Monkey invasion at RAHA Kids! A whole family of 5! So funny to see them playing around! #
  • Feeding the monkeys with bananas! #
  • There are monkeys running all around the compound and making noise lol! #
  • les couilles d'un singe sont bleu o_O #
  • The papa monkey is lame 🙁 He is missing a arm! #
  • Bad papa monkey! He just urinated on the roof of my home lol… #
  • What a waste of a day 🙁 … At least I got to see and play with the monkeys this morning! #
  • What an awesome day today! 🙂 Feels soo good to spend the day and relax at a 5 star hotel! <3 The Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club. #
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