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Le Sang Des Innocents by Pamela ft. Akon

November 28th, 2009


I just wanted to share with you a videoclip that was produced by the UNICEF foundation.

This song touches me alot, it is very sad too see such things still hapenning today in 2009…

It is called “Le Sang Des Innocents” by Pamela featuring Akon:

There is also a english version of the same song called “Blood Into Gold” by Peter Buffett featuring Akon:

All-in-one free biblical ressource website:

November 28th, 2009

Hello all,

Today, I would like to present you a website that provide free all-in-one web-based online bible and biblical ressources.

The site is easy to use and browse, clean, no ads and mixed with a lot of very nice and practical features.

I personally use it for bibical research, to send verses to my friends and for reading.

The search function is what I use the most, it is very practical to quickly find verses that you are looking for.

Several different bible versions are available completely for free.

The KJBC and MHCC bible commentaries are free, other ones are available with the purchase of a premium account.

There is also Biblical dictionnaries, as the bible commentaries, some are available for free other need a premium account.

A basic audio bible is also available for free, you need to sign up for a free account first though.

You can also tag verses and follow and create bible reading plans.

I hope that you will enjoy this website as much as I do,

Karim Aziz

Life Is a Gift from GOD

November 27th, 2009

Life Is a Gift from GOD

Today before you say an unkind word – Think of someone who can’t speak.

Before you complain about the taste of your food – Think of someone who has nothing to eat.

Before you complain about your husband or wife – Think of someone who’s crying out to GOD for a companion.

Today before you complain about life – Think of someone who went too early to heaven.

Before whining about the distance you drive Think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet.

And when you are tired and complain about your job – Think of the unemployed, the disabled, and those who wish they had your job.

And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down – Put a smile on your face and think: you’re alive and thank’s GOD

Source: STGJ Coptic Church Newsletter

I am Thankfull

November 23rd, 2009

I am Thankful….I can walk. There are those who have never taken their first step.

I Am Thankful….I can see the beauty all around me. There are those whose world is always dark.

I Am Thankful …I can hear music playing. There are those who entire life has been spent in silence.

I Am Thankful….My heart can be broken. There are those who are so hardened they cannot be touched.

I Am Thankful….I can move about freely and express my beliefs. There are those who live in constant fear.

I Am Thankful….I have been loved. There are those for whom no one has ever cared.

I Am Thankful….I can work. There are those who have to depend on others for even their most basic needs.

I Am Thankful….For the friends I have. There are those who have not any.

I Am Thankful….For the opportunity to help others. There are those who have not been so abundantly blessed as I.

Source: STGJ Coptic Church Newsletter

Beyond Jabez: Expanding Your Borders

November 22nd, 2009

Hello all!

I recently talked to you about an award-winning book named “The Prayer of Jabez, Breaking Through to the Blessed Life” by Bruce Wilkinson published in 2000 in this post:

Today, I will present you a book that follows it named “Beyond Jabez: Expanding Your Borders” by Bruce Wilkinson published in 2005.

In my opinion, it is a must to read this book following the reading of the first one as it completes it in several ways.

Here are some reviews of the book taken from Amazon:

Review #1:

“Director’s Cut” of Jabez Follows Up on Spiritual Phenomenon Bruce Wilkinson’s breakthrough teaching in The Prayer of Jabez captivated millions and continues to lead to changed lives around the world. This follow-up message discusses in greater detail the specific steps to take in making this scriptural passage part of your prayer life. For each of the prayer’s four sections, Wilkinson explains important biblical distinctions, answers misconceptions about the prayer, offers practical steps to praying the prayer, and shows potential results in readers’ lives. New content, exciting Jabez-inspired stories, and enriched commentary from Dr. Wilkinson make this a must-have for anyone who wants to live a world-changing life for God.

Review #2:

Where the #1 New York Times bestseller The Prayer of Jabez left off, Beyond Jabez picks up and goes even deeper. Priceless testimonies of answered prayer and bold, biblical teaching clear up the misconceptions surrounding this once little-known prayer. Is it really right to ask God to bless me? How can I experience the miracles accompanying a Jabez lifestyle? The answers inside will destroy doubt and sound the trumpet blast announcing a glorious new chapter in your walk with the Lord!

Review #3:

True Stories:

When The Prayer of Jabez sold nine million copies in two years, Bruce Wilkinson’s mailbox was flooded with countless personal stories of answered prayer. God’s mighty hand was using the prayer to change lives in both small and dramatic ways. Such undeniable testimonies make it impossible to ignore God’s presence, active and alive today!

Refreshing Clarity:

Beyond Jabez examines the larger biblical context of the once little-known prayer found in 1 Chronicles 4:9–10. Wilkinson’s sound instruction answers the skepticism surrounding the Jabez phenomenon and returns an awesome sense of wonder to the miracle of prayer.

Deeper Application:

Packed with practical guidance from a man who daily prays Jabez’s prayer—and has for more than thirty years!— Beyond Jabez reveals how, with a sincere heart and a devoted prayer life, God can use you mightily for His purposes!

Story Behind the Book:

Bruce Wilkinson spent thirty years studying and praying the prayer of Jabez. The original manuscript was over three hundred pages long. When The Prayer of Jabez was released in the spring of 2000, it had been culled down to 96 pages. It was originally intended as a gift from Bruce to the attendees of the 2000 National Day of Prayer. Now in 2005, the fifth anniversary of the release of the original Prayer of Jabez, the release of Beyond Jabez will be more like the book Bruce Wilkinson originally intended to write—a book with more teaching, stories of God’s blessings, and more application of what God intended of us in petitioning Him.

Source: Amazon //

The Lion King

November 16th, 2009

While doing some research on the web today, I found a nice article that talks about parallels between The Lion King movie and the Bible. Surprisingly there is a few interesting ones!

Read the full article here:



  • One day a new king will rule the land
  • In that day, all will bow to the true King
  • The jealous Scar hates the new king
  • Satan hates Jesus and all who follow Him
  • Scar lures Simba onto a deadly path
  • Satan tempts us to choose our own way
  • “We’ll always be together,” says Simba
  • God will never leave or forsake His own
  • King Mufasa dies to save his son
  • Jesus gave His life for us
  • Scar blames Simba for his father’s death
  • Satan accuses Christians
  • Simba runs away, is saved by “outcasts”
  • Samaritan “outcast” helps victimized traveler
  • Simba grows to maturity in exile
  • Moses trained for leadership in the wilderness
  • Simba reluctant to return to responsibility
  • Christians reluctant to obey God
  • “He lives in you… Look inside yourself…”
  • Christ, our King, lives in us.

Quiet time schedule 2009

November 16th, 2009

One of the most important habits that you can develop for sustained spiritual growth is the habit of a daily Quiet Time with God. Quiet Time is more than just sitting in silence. It is a daily time that you set aside to be alone with God. The goal of Quiet Time is to get to know God more intimately through His Word and through prayer.

Guide to Quiet Time: Guide-to-Quiet-Time.pdf

Schedule for daily Quiet Time – 2009: QuietTimeGuide2009.pdf

Source: Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Church of Washington, DC

The Prayer of Jabez

November 14th, 2009

Hi all,

In this post I would like to present you a really small but awesome book that my friend gave me as a gift.

The Prayer of Jabez, Breaking Through to the Blessed Life by Bruce Wilkinson, published in 2000, became an international bestseller, topping the New York Times bestseller list and selling nine million copies. It received the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Gold Medallion Book of the Year award in 2001.

The whole book is based on two verses of the Old Testament from the Holy Bible: 1 Chronicles 4:9-10

9 – Now Jabez was more honorable than his brothers, and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, “Because I bore him in pain.” 10 – And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” So God granted him what he requested.

In the book, Wilkinson encourages Christians to invoke this prayer for themselves on a daily basis:

I challenge you to make the Jabez prayer for blessing part of the daily fabric of your life. To do that, I encourage you to follow unwaveringly the plan outlined here for the next thirty days. By the end of that time, you’ll be noticing significant changes in your life, and the prayer will be on its way to becoming a treasured, lifelong habit.

I also personally encourage you to take the challenge as I did, it really works!

The book itself is presented in a very small format and only has 92 pages, it took me a only few hours to read. It is one of the greatest book I read up to now. I recommend it for all of you.

Amazon link:

Karim Aziz

Musical suggestion – Jeremy Camp

November 14th, 2009

Hello folks,

I would like to present you a great christian artist my good friend Mary Demian made me discover few months ago, his name is Jeremy Camp. There is something special about his voice, his songs, his lyrics and his music that comforts you.

You can read more about him here: and here:

Or visit his website at:

I highly suggest you listen at his albums especially the one named “Speaking louder then before”.

Here is the track list of this album, my favourite one, click on the titles to hear the song on YouTube (When available)

  1. Slow Down Time
  2. Capture Me
  3. Speaking Louder Than Before
  4. There Will Be a Day
  5. I Know Who I Am
  6. I’m Alive
  7. You Will Be There
  8. Healing Hand of God
  9. So In Love
  10. My Fortress
  11. Giving You All Control
  12. Surrender
  13. Christ Is Come (iTunes Track)

Thanks for reading, I truly hope you enjoy his music as much as I do.
Karim Aziz

November 11th, 2009

Here is a Christian Coptic Mission that is present in a few countries in Africa that I particularry like and that I may be joining for this summer if everything goes well. I encourrage you all to take a look at it and if interests you to fill and send the application form in order to go help out by serving.

Churches in the mission:
Service opportunity:
How to prepare for the mission: